• Strategy & Business Partnering
  • Transformation
  • Operational & Performance Efficiency
  • Roundtable Discussion
7:00 - 8:30
8:50 - 9:00
9:00 - 9:30

Seeing Risk Through an Opportunitic Lens

The macroeconomic environment has been challenging CFOs with some unexpected and unpredictable changes. As a result, CFOs and business leaders need to adapt their risk and operating models to survive and stay competitive. So how can we view risk as a catalyst for growth and opportunity as opposed to a cost to our business? This session will explore how to mitigate business risk whilst creating an environment that fosters innovation and growth. And what practical advice, skills, and tools are required to allow you to become an agile leader.

9:30 - 10:15

EXECUTIVE PANEL: The Future of the CFO: Are you Ready?!

A ‘number cruncher’ to a business partner to a strategic leader, the role of a CFO is ever-changing. From previously exerting business skills into finance to now applying finance skills into the wider business. Today, the CFO is being challenged more than ever to provide true business advantage. With more pressure to become multi-dimensional – what will the role look like in 5, 10 or 15 years?

Find out from our Executive Panel as they deep dive into:

  • How the role is evolving and what are the capabilities required for the CFO of the Future
  • What trends and macroeconomic factors are influencing the role and how to prepare for these changes.
10:15 - 10:40

Networking Refreshments


Are you wondering who has similar challenges to you? Do you want to have an in-depth discussion on a hot topic within your profession? Our morning challenge hubs allow you to creatively brainstorm the key trends and challenges facing finance professionals today. This will prepare you for facilitated discussions in the afternoon session with your peers and speakers!

Each of the 4 challenge zones are designed to integrate into the programme seamlessly and offer an opportunity to meet the speakers and network with your peers to discuss the following key areas:

  • Organisational Efficiency
  • Technology & Automation
  • Organisational Change & Human Capital
  • Risk & Strategy
10:40 - 11:10

The CFO to Drive Business Growth: Partnering with CEO and Providing Enterprise Strategy

Strategy & Business Partnering

As the CFO you have exposure to the financial intelligence that can drive growth and prosperity for your organisation. But true value comes from making sense of this information and understanding how this impacts the wider business strategy. Hear from an established CEO on how you can act as a valued co-pilot by understanding the wider business objectives, challenging key strategic decisions and influence through financial insight.


Wayne Close Managing Director Bupa



Disruptive digital technologies and more empowered consumers mean businesses must be more agile than ever before. New technology can be an opportunity or a distraction – the challenge for CFOs, and their teams, is to pinpoint the key investments that will deliver for both the business and for the customer. John Park, CFO at McDonald’s UK, will discuss how the organisation has transformed the way it prepares and serves food to its customers through embracing new technology, and the role that the Finance team has played in this.


John Park CFO McDonalds


Operational & Performance Efficiency

With regulation tightening and competition rising have you thought about how to utilise your counterparties? Collaboration should be high on a CFOs agenda. Hear how utilising these relationships with external suppliers and internal functions can allow you to leverage off their knowledge, improve business performance and efficiency & therefore gain a competitive advantage.


Wendy Smith Vice President & CFO Kellogg's
11:15 - 11:45

Human Capital: How Can Finance Executives Tackle Talent Issues?

Strategy & Business Partnering

It is no secret that there is a lack of access to good talent. But what are organisations doing to address this issue? How are Boards, CEOs, and Finance Leaders planning for the risk this has to the balance sheet and overall business strategy? Hear, in this armchair discussion how you can bridge the gap between finance and HR by working with the CHRO to develop strategic human capital metrics that connect to the overall business outcomes.

Technology Disruption: To Support or Hinder your Finance Function?


Are you keeping up with the rapid changes in technology? Are you utilising the investment of new and current financial systems and tools? This session will keep you abreast of new finance technology disrupting the market; and how to build digital capability across your organisation to ensure early adoption.

The Death of Cash: The Rise in Digital Currency

Operational & Performance Efficiency

As technology takes over and shapes the way we work, it is also taking over our currency and the way we manage cash. Whilst it still needs to be adopted by many, businesses are already investing in making cash digital. Is cash about to die? Learn which digital currencies are making the greatest impact, the benefits they provide and how to prepare for early adoption.

11:50 - 12:35

Supporting Talent Through Disruption

Strategy & Business Partnering

CFOs are becoming increasingly involved in talent issues. With the growth in robotics and automation absorbing the core accounting skills, this frees up time for employees to focus on broader strategic capabilities. But how do you support your team during this transition? Hear how you can upskill, support and motivate employees as technology transforms their role.


Jessica McDarren Commercial Operations Finance Director L'Oreal

Finance Transformation: Developing Todays Finance Function to Overcome Tomorrow’s Challenges


Does your Finance Function still deliver the capabilities you need to remain competitive? Hear from Ben Kay, CFO UK&I at Swissport on how to transform your Finance Function to align and support the organisation in achieving its strategic objectives? And what role does the CFO play in supporting the larger, companywide transformation process?


Ben Kay CFO UK&I Swissport


Operational & Performance Efficiency

CFOs used to only focus on pounds flowing in and out of the company, today, it is crucial to utilise and have knowledge of every single penny. But why is working capital and cost reduction being focused on more and more by the CEO? And why is it so important for the CFO to constantly improve capital efficiency and manage company cash flow? Hear how you can improve working capital issues through benchmarking, cash generation plans, and working capital cycles. Furthermore, gain an overall holistic view of your working capital.


James Richardson Finance Director William Hill
12:35 - 1:30


VIP Think Tank Lunch

By invitation only, this private lunch provides you with an opportunity to network and collaborate with your peers; discuss prominent business issues impacting the profession, while you enjoy a delicious three-course catered lunch. Please contact if you are interested in attending.

1:30 - 2:00

Cyber Security: Is Technology the Route Cause or is it the Human Factor?

Strategy & Business Partnering

Hearing the word cyber security is enough to keep you awake at night. With so much ambiguity around cyber and creating a secure environment for your business data, we wonder where we are dropping the ball?! Is human error the root cause or is the systems themselves exposing us to more than we ever realised? This session will give insight into how you can:

  • Reduce human error when using technology;
  • Improve data security; and
  • How you can stay out of the spotlight for all the wrong reasons!

This session will highlight how one company became exposed and how you can prevent this happening to your organisation.

Gaining an Holistic View to Create Opportunity


Having a clear vision of an organisation is key to making informed strategic decisions. Hear how you can design KPIs and Dashboards and align them with organisational goals. Enabling you to drive strategic transformation, give a clear and concise vision to the organisation and develop real-time analytics to support organisational decisions.

Blockchain Evolution: Are You Up To Date?!

Operational & Performance Efficiency

Blockchain technology is transforming the finance profession – both adding value and commercialising business development. But what are the perceived benefits of Block chain? Discover how block chain:

  • Can offer a shared control and transparency;
  • Reduce the complexities and reduce the use of intermediaries saving time; and
  • Increase transaction safety and streamlining payments.
2:05 - 2:35

Building an Anti-Fragile Finance Function

Strategy & Business Partnering

A self-improving finance function… now that sounds too good to be true. However Sky believe they have made good strides towards an anti-fragile finance function that improves when stress and change is added rather than breaking or being too inflexible. But how do they achieve this? Rob Collie, Director of Group Finance Delivery will demonstrate how Sky have tried to build an anti-fragile finance function and how it allows you to drive marginal gains, improve systems and processes and support organisational change.


Rob Collie Director of Group Finance Delivery Sky



As organisations continue to drive growth in highly complex and competitive markets; the value of Finance analytics has been growing exponentially. Paul Harris, Chief Commercial Officer of Starbucks will share how he implemented a cloud based forecasting analytics model to streamline processes and improve efficiency. Hear, how through automation you and your team can move beyond simple analysis and towards connecting data intelligence with true business outcomes.

The Annual Budget? That’s so last year!

Operational & Performance Efficiency

As the pace of today’s business world increases, budgets become outdated. Are annual budgets out of date? As situations and circumstances change throughout the year, so must your budgetary requirements and forecasts. Hear how you can save time, increase value, and optimise performance from other budgetary options such as zero-based budgeting and rolling forecasts.


Paul Harris Commercial Finance Director Starbucks
2:35 - 3:10

Networking Refreshments


Are you wondering who has similar challenges to you? Do you want to have an in-depth discussion on a hot topic within your profession? Continuing on from conversation in the morning our afternoon challenge hubs offer a facilitated discussion on the key trends and challenges facing the profession.

Each of the 4 challenge zones are designed to integrate into the programme seamlessly and offer an opportunity to meet the speakers and network with your peers to discuss the following key areas:

  • Organisational Efficiency
  • Technology & Automation
  • Organisational Change & Human Capital
  • Risk & Strategy
3:10 - 4:05

Thought Exchange

Roundtable Discussion

Experiences and knowledge, are our biggest asset. With this in mind we have created a new and exciting opportunity for our network to collaborate and learn from each other. Led by one of our executive facilitators a Thought Exchange is a discussion on a hot topic or key challenging facing the profession.

Engage in conversations around topics such as:

  • How to connect with non-finance professionals & departments
  • Closing the gender gap in finance
  • Brexit… How do we prepare?
  • Using data to drive the right conversations
4:05 - 4:35

Global Economic Forecasts and Political Uncertainty: What do They Mean for Businesses and the Future of Finance?

Unsolicited fluctuations can cause great impact if we aren’t prepared or flexible to change. But how do we adapt quickly in order to stay competitive? Hear from an esteemed Chief Economist on what the global economic and political forecasts such as Brexit, could mean for your role, team and organisation.

4:35 - 5:25

Leading a Successful Team Through the Unfamiliar and Changing Business Landscape

Leading not only a team, but also an organisation in this unprecedented environment is a new challenge for any business leader. What part does a CFO play in leading and motivating talent across the business? Hear from our executive sporting panel on in how to navigate and lead a high performing team in a world of uncertainty.

5:25 - 5:30
5:30 - 6:30


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